The 10 best learning strategies for children - part 3 elaborate (deepen)

In the previous parts we looked at the Repeat and the Organize busy with learning content. Now it is a matter of penetrating content in order to really understand it very precisely. These learning strategies are called elaboration strategies. They lead the child away from school and into everyday life. This gives meaning to the learning content and increases the children's willingness to acquire knowledge. 

The best learning strategies for content elaboration

  • Use other sources: School books are not always a motivating source for learning. If a topic is difficult, try to find other media with your child: books, films, a visit to the museum and the abstract school knowledge comes to life. If your child is reluctant to read non-fiction, then look for fiction. 
  • Incorporate knowledge into everyday life: When your child realizes that what they have learned has meaning in their daily life, the willingness to deal with it increases automatically. In primary school in particular, it is very easy to apply the learning content in everyday life. Read the writing on the packaging with your child in the supermarket, have them work out the change at the checkout, try things out at home that they learn in a science class, for example with an experiment kit. All of this is fun and helps to deepen the subject.
  • Make learning fun: Basically, learning is something great that makes children great friends. They learn to walk, speak, color, count and all of this completely voluntarily and without any great strategy, because they want to. In school, children often have to learn things for the first time in their lives that they are not particularly interested in. It's not fun and learning becomes tedious. That's why you should bring the fun back. Organize a study quiz with your child, do arithmetic competitions if your child likes to measure themselves, sing and dance with your child while studying, or tell funny anecdotes. When learning a foreign language, it helps to watch songs or series in the target language and there are also funny books that correspond to the respective language level. 

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