How do you properly disinfect wooden toys?

Wooden toys are a real experience for children that they can often grasp with all their senses. Smaller children in particular like to put their toys in their mouths. After an illness, when there was a game visit or simply should be in between Thoroughly cleaned wooden toys will.

While this is very easy with plastic toys, many parents ask themselves: How can I properly disinfect wooden toys?

Toddlers grasp toys with all their senses!

When should you disinfect wooden toys?

Wood is a natural material with many great properties. Among other things, the tannic acid it contains has a natural antibacterial effect. This is particularly pronounced with the types of wood pine, larch and oak. This means that you basically don't have to disinfect wooden toys at all. It is much better to clean the surface with soapy water or with water and a splash of vinegar. Then dry the wooden toys thoroughly and put them in the sun to dry.

We strongly advise against some of the tips that are circulating on the Internet. Wood does not belong in the washing machine or dishwasher. It swells up in it, cracks and breaks.

What if it has to be disinfected?

If you want to disinfect the wooden toy despite all the warnings, then remember that the disinfectant is absorbed into the wood. So only use substances that are harmless to health.

Many disinfectants have a degreasing effect. This changes the surface properties of the wood. Unpainted pieces will turn gray. Color differences may occur.

Not all disinfectants are suitable for wooden toys!

 With lacquered wooden toys, make sure that the lacquer does not come off. Test the disinfectant on a small area beforehand to see if the toy is damaged.




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