Remove mold from wooden toys

Wooden toys are durable and sustainable. Almost nothing can destroy it. And once the surface has become very unsightly, you can theoretically even sand it down and then it will be like new. You can therefore safely buy used wooden toys. However, one thing is not good for wood at all: moisture. When wood becomes damp, it swells and may even start to mold.

How can I remove mold from wooden toys

We recommend sorting out moldy wooden toys. The mold settles very deeply in the wood. It cannot be dealt with with superficial treatment. It develops harmful substances and therefore has no place in the nursery.

How can I protect the wooden toys from mold?

It is best to keep the toy in a dry place. Mold loves a humidity of 60% or more. So everything below is a mold-hostile environment.

In addition, the wooden toy should not be packed airtight. This prevents mold stains.

To the cleaning Never put the wooden toy in the dishwasher or keep it completely under water. Instead, take a damp cloth and rub the surface with it. Then you should dry the wood well and put it in the fresh air, preferably even in the sun.

Natureich stands for high-quality wooden toys 

We only sell toys of tested quality. Our warehouse is dry and therefore does not give mold a chance. In addition, an employee checks every part for defects before it leaves our company.

Order it  your wooden toys from professionals, and look forward to goods of the highest quality!



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