Numbers and values - how much is 8 and why?

Providing a value with a number is the basis of mathematical procedures. And it is precisely here that our children begin to understand numbers for the first time. Because how much a 5 or an 8 is worth, that a 3 consists of three ones and is therefore much less than a 9, our children have to learn first. While the Roman III conveys a value at first glance, our numerals are initially only symbols. The associated values must be linked in the brain.

Aid to understand numbers

Most children start counting all by themselves in kindergarten. In the more or less correct order and with a few gaps, preschoolers often manage to count up to twenty or far more fluently. However, not all children understand the values behind this sequence of numbers on their own. As a parent, you can support your child in this learning process to optimally prepare them for math lessons.

Educational toys that bring numerical value and digit together are helpful. First of all, every dice game has this potential, because here the eyes of the dice have to be counted and connected to the number.

Use our to illustrate the numbers above the number 6 to your child Montessori math hedgehog. Here the child assigns the hedgehog's spines, which are provided with numbers, to the correct numerical values, in the form of dots.

That Habba-Babba number board clearly shows the child how much more an 8 is worth than a 2. Your child learns how values and digits are related and can playfully illustrate the arithmetic methods of addition and subtraction.

Rechnen lernen mit Zahlenwerten

Values and numbers accompany us all day

Go creative ways to convey values and figures to your child in everyday life. Draw three- and four-leaf clovers, sort the CD collection into packs of 10 together with the child or count the gummy bears together that are available for dessert. In this way, children learn very quickly what numbers are good for and can explore the exciting world of mathematics from a secure basis.




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