The sound pagoda - a colorful firework of sounds

Do you already know the sound pagoda? These wooden toys are one of the few toys that have the potential to accompany a child through their entire childhood without losing their fascination. Today we are therefore introducing you to the sound tree in more detail.

How does a sound tree work?

The sound pagoda is almost a real musical instrument. Leaves made of thin wood are attached in a spiral shape to a stem in the middle. These are smaller in the upper area and increase in size towards the bottom. The small wooden leaves produce light tones and the large deep ones. Due to the spiral arrangement, the sound tree can be used like a marble run. If you insert a marble at the top, it hops down the spiral from leaf to leaf. Each wooden sheet of the sound tower emits a sound. With a well-tuned sound tree, the scale sounds in a harmonious sound image.

Fascination for big and small

Playing with the sound pagoda is captivating and calming. Countless marbles make their way down and children experiment with different ways to get on the train or with the number of marbles.

You can use glass marbles or wooden marbles and create a variety of tones with them. For smaller children, we recommend using large balls so that the necessary safety is guaranteed.

Holzspielzeug wie Grimms

The sound pagoda not only trains children's hearing: the bright colors are another attraction. Parents can also name and practice the colors while playing with the sound tree.

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  • Maria

    Guten Tag,
    dieses Spielzeug ist wirklich toll. Der Turm macht einen tollen Klang. Ich habe schon Spielzeug von der Firma Grimms. Ich habe Holzspielzeug wie Grimms gesucht. Und habe es hier gefunden. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Natureich Kugelturm.
    Liebe Grüße,

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