What is the fastest way for my child to learn arithmetic? This is how learning works!

The answer is: with the Natureich educational & math toys and lots of practice. The educational toys from Natureich can, however, provide visual support and activate the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for creative thinking and faster learning.

Natureich Rechnenkarten Mathematik Holzspielzeug

So the best way for your child to learn is this:

  • With the Natureich abacus  or other Natureich math toys
  • Write down the tasks with pen and paper
  • Say the tasks out loud with the correct answer
  • Repeat at least 12 times
  • Receive praise and recognition for new challenges mastered


Modern brain research says the more senses are used in learning, the more neural highways in the head are used and thus learning is faster. What is also important is the feeling of learning. Children should be put in an emotional state of enthusiasm and curiosity. Then learning works almost automatically.






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