How happy children become happy adults

What do we want for our children? Success in school, lots of friends, a nice hobbie, but first and foremost that they are happy. The well-known brain researcher Gerald Hüther says that children primarily grow up happily where parents reduce the demands on their offspring to the greatest possible extent.

Happy children are children who are "okay"

Parenthood in our time is truly a challenge. You yourself know about the high demands that are placed on adults and of course you want to prepare the youngsters well for them. If something does not go smoothly in one area, many parents quickly ask themselves what could be the reason and what can we do about it. Now it is promoted, tested or diagnosed. But is that really the best way for our children?

The brain researcher Gerald Hüther has a very clear opinion here. In an interview with FOCUS Online he says: "A child has to feel that it is right the way it is. That it is loved for its own sake and unconditionally. That is the most important experience that every child needs".

That's why parents should sometimes move away from their own ideas and just let the child be a child without intervening. Hüther advocates on the one hand promoting free play and avoiding controlled employment, but also eliminating the pressure to perform.

If parents can accept that their child is not allowed to be so good in some areas, then a big step has been taken.

Nevertheless, parents should of course not just let everything go. If your child actually needs help, then it is important to intervene with the right means. The playful way is certainly a good one.

Our tip: If you notice problems with your child's math understanding, then support them with suitable wooden toys / educational toys. So it can open up the world of numbers without pressure to perform.



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