Maintaining wooden toys with oil: You should definitely pay attention to this!

Wooden toys are sturdy and durable. It stays particularly beautiful with the right care.

Natural wooden toys are especially grateful if you treat them with oil. So it doesn't dread and is well protected against the number one enemy of wood: water. In addition, the oil highlights the grain of the wood and lets it shine in full shine.

We explain here what to look out for when oiling wood.


Which oil for wooden toys?

Good to know: You don't need an expensive special oil to impregnate your wooden toys. Our recommendation is on linseed oil to fall back on. Alternatively, use  Safflower oil, peanut oil or Olive oil.

Wooden toys treated with linseed oil:


Leinöl Holzspielzeug Öl welches

How do I properly care for wooden toys with oil?


First, pour the oil generously over the wood. Use a bristle brush to massage the oil into the workpiece. Work with and against the grain. 

Now the oil is allowed to soak in for a few minutes. Wait at least 15 minutes.

If you feel that the wood has soaked up enough oil, rub off the excess oil with a soft cotton cloth in small circular movements. 

You can now treat the wooden toy again and again with a little oil and a cloth when it becomes dry and gray. 

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