Which wooden toys are safe for my child?

When we, as parents, give our children toys, we want to make them happy. But toys are not always suitable for children. We explain which criteria toys should meet in order to be harmless.

Caution, risk of injury

So that wooden toys are harmless, the edges should be rounded. In addition, a ground surface reduces the risk of pulling in a splinter. 

Safe colors

Small children in particular like to put toys in their mouths. That is why paints and varnishes for wooden toys should be harmless to health and free from harmful substances.

Incidentally, wooden toys are clearly ahead of plastic toys. In plastics, there are often questionable plasticizers or other substances that dissolve in contact with saliva. These substances are also absorbed through the skin, so just playing with them is a danger.

How do I find harmless wooden toys?

There are various test certificates that give you as a parent the necessary security when buying wooden toys. TÜV Rheinland tests toys for the CE and EN71 regulations of the EU. The blue angel also indicates the use of non-toxic paints and materials.

Toys made in the EU should naturally comply with EU regulations. 

We can recommend the following toys for you:

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