Which wooden toys will suit my child?

Are you looking for beautiful wooden toys that your child will love in the long term? Then you are in the right place in our shop, because we at Natureich offer you a huge selection of different wooden toys.

Have fun while learning

Every toy that you can buy from Natureich is educationally valuable. This means that your child will gain a lot of new experiences while playing with it.

We offer toys that train mathematical understanding or those that stimulate the formation of motor synapses in the brain. There are toys for learning to read and toys that teach strategic thinking, such as puzzles.

Through constant practice and use, colors and shapes are learned or numbers and letters are imprinted on the surface of the toy.

Montessori material encourages your child to deal with the toy independently. This also trains self-confidence.

Natureich Holzspielzeug unbedenklich

In our Natureich shop you will find something suitable for every learning topic Wooden toys. Take a look around and choose wooden toys that support your child's natural joy in learning. 

Every wooden toy is guaranteed to be valuable

Robust, durable, of high quality and function: these are the goals that we want to achieve with our wooden toys. When you buy a wooden toy from Natureich, you receive tested goods without harmful substances and from sustainable wood cultivation.


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