What color do I choose for wooden toys?

There used to be a myth: Babies were born color-blind and would initially see everything gray and blurred. Today we know that this is not true. In a short distance of up to 25 centimeters, your baby can already focus and it can also see colors from the beginning. However, it is difficult for your baby to distinguish these from one another and the more similar they are, the more difficult it becomes. But this already occurs in a few weeks and at least the basic colors can be recognized with certainty at three months.

What are babies' favorite colors?

Babies all over the world instinctively prefer the color red. Perhaps that's because they've been at home in a reddish environment for many months. If light falls on Mommy's belly, it arrives for the fetus in the womb as a red dim light. 

Children are also very fond of blue as the color for wooden toys. There are even studies showing that people generally prefer red and blue. 

However, we recommend that you always offer wooden toys in all colors as a selection. Firstly, you can practice the color names with your child in the game and secondly, tastes are known to be different. 

Incidentally, that girls prefer pink and guys prefer blue is only educated. If you let the children grow up spared from the gender madness, the preferences for the later favorite color turn out to be surprisingly diverse.

Which varnishes should you use for wooden toys?

Small children put everything in their mouths. Wooden toys are no exception. It is therefore important to take a closer look at the choice.

Our wooden toys are TÜV and CE certified. This means that all colors are safe for children.

If you are interested in high quality paints for wooden toys, write an email to info@natureich.de, We're here to help.

Repainting wooden toys, is that possible?

A real advantage of wooden toys is their indestructibility. Little can harm these toys. The toy looks like new when you repaint it. Use colors that are suitable for wooden toys, for example a special toy glaze.You can recognize this from a CE certification or the Blue Angel. Also pay attention to the characteristic "saliva-proof".

Here you can find out exactly how to proceed when repainting.  


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