What makes a good toy?

What makes good wooden toys?

The Nuremberg Toy Fair takes place from the end of January to the beginning of February. What is similarly good wooden toys as at the Nuremberg Toy Fair? The University of Würzburg asked itself the question: What is good quality wooden toys?

Natureich Lernspielzeug für Kinder ab 3 Jahre Montessori Material

The scientists looked for innovative toys at the Toy Fair 2018, "the children support and encourage as you grow up, ”explains Prof. Dr. Harald Lange, holder of the chair for sports science at the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg.

The sports scientists were particularly interested in exercise and educational toys.

Creativity is an important aspect

The students spent a few months preparing for their visit to the toy fair and gathered background knowledge. The students discussed the latest innovations with the developers. From the point of view of the scientists, one thing is certain: the right quality wooden toys accompany children as they grow up and stimulate parts of the brain that are responsible for joy and creativity.

Movement supports the promotion

From the educators' point of view, exercise is particularly important.

“Children open up the world through movement. That is why 'moving around' must be understood as the key to holistic support, ”says Lange.

Motor skills, social behavior, cognitive and emotional development are the most important pillars in children's development.

The selection of relevant toys is diverse. “In addition to fine motor operations, as we can observe when playing with building blocks, or classic rolling and balance devices such as slacklines and trampolines, we are interested in all devices in which the subject of movement becomes visible,” explains Lange. Toys are also ideal to promote Spatial perception, cognition, aesthetic competencies and design skills. The topic of movement is the main pillar for holistic development promotion.

The new and exciting ideas of the scientists will follow in the future.


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