What is Montessori material?

What is Montessori material?

Here is a short quote from Wikipedia:

"Montessori Education is one of Maria Montessori developed from 1907 and specifically in Montessori schools applied educational Education concept that covers the time span from toddler to young adult. It is based on the image of the child as the “builder of himself” and therefore uses the form of the for the first time open lessons and the Free work. You can insofar as experimental designated as the observation of the child should lead the teacher to appropriate didactic Applying techniques to the Learning process to promote optimally. The basic idea of Montessori education is the request “Help me to do it myself”.

The Montessori method is often considered one philosophy described the that child and his individuality puts the focus. Maria Montessori believed in the child's intrinsic worth. Comparisons with traditional standards are not desirable in Montessori practice. Instead, Montessori advocates believe that children should learn freely, with no disability or criticism. Montessori believed that both rewards and punishments are detrimental to a person's attitude that children naturally want to learn from their own motivation. Mainly because it is in their nature to want to participate in (adult) life.

As a pedagogy, the Montessori method focuses on the needs, talents and abilities of the individual child. Montessori teachers and educators believe that children learn best at their own pace and in their own way. Children are encouraged to independently control the pace, theme, and repetition of the lessons. It is assumed that any deviation from the ideal of the divine child represents a disorder that can be corrected (normalized) through the use of learning methods.

According to Maria Montessori herself, it is her pedagogy or the so-called Montessori method about "a complex, educational and social movement that arose directly from and through the revelation of the child."

The guiding principle of the method is to nurture the child's natural joy in learning. According to Montessori, this joy in learning represents a core component of the being of every child. Supported and guided with respect and esteem, it leads to the development of a self-contained and balanced personality.

Children who learn at their own pace and in line with their own interests experience self-confidence and independence and thus best internalize what they have learned. Independence is supported by the work of daily life (skills that are directly applicable in practical life). Montessori kindergarten children learn (primarily through imitation) to dress, to wash themselves, to prepare the dining table, etc. The children can usually choose themselves with whom and also what they want to work on. The Montessori method always focuses on the learner as a guide for his own development.

For Maria Montessori, it was a priority to offer the child the opportunity to develop with all of his senses in a prepared environment that is adapted to his or her psychological needs. It is particularly important that the teachers see themselves as learners and take into account each child's own rhythm and recognize what they are dealing with. For example, it is possible that a child does not use mathematics with the materials intended for it (developed by Montessori), but does so when measuring, when building a machine. The use of Supervision absolutely necessary. "


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