What is the meaning of the most popular girl names in Germany?

Choosing a name for a child is one of the most important preparations for parents for the birth of their child. First names are subject to strong trends. What is a popular name today may be completely out of date in 30 years. Especially when it comes to girl names, however, there are classics that have consistently been on the top list of the most popular first names over the years.

For 2018 Statista has published the top 10 most popular first names for girls. 90% of the registered registry offices served as the source.

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First name

Meaning / origin


Variant of Maria

Sophie / Sofie

Variant of Sophia


As the name of the Mother of God, Maria is probably the most widely used Christian first name for girls. The origin comes from the Egyptian "myr" and means the one or the lover. The Aramaic older form is Mirjam and means "bitterness".

Sophia / Sofia

Originally the name comes from the Greek and means wisdom. Sophia was the name of a holy Roman martyr


The name Emilia is derived from the Roman patrician family of the Aemilians, who belonged to the 5 most important patrician families of ancient Rome.


Emma is derived from the Old High German "irmin". That means "all-encompassing, all-over-looking".

Hannah / Hanna

Short form of Johanna or as a variant of Anna


Abbreviation of Maria. The name can be derived from the Hebrew "the desired child". Another meaning is "sea pearl" or "little star". In Japanese, Mia is formed from the symbols for beauty and love.


An old Hebrew name. Anna is the mother of Mary the Mother of God.


Johanna is the feminine form of Johannes. The name is of biblical origin from the apostle and evangelist John the Baptist.


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