From ABC to writing: children learn letters

In addition to numbers, children are also interested in the world of letters. When you read to your children you will certainly be confronted with the question: “What does it say?” Then the time begins when children develop an interest in letters. Your own name under the picture is proudly painted, but there is still a long way to go before you can actually write it.

Learn to read and write with the Natureich Alphabet Blocks

Small children have to assert themselves on several fronts while learning to write. First of all, it is a matter of differentiating the individual letters in terms of their shape and sound. Once this step has been completed, the child practices how to represent the letters correctly so that someone else can read them. In small children, fine motor development is the greatest challenge here.

With the Natureich Alphabet Blocks, children of all ages can learn letters and write their first words, completely detached from their fine motor skills. The letters are printed on cubes with a different letter on each side. There are also uppercase and lowercase letters. In this way, you enable your child to experiment with letters even at the age of three and four, provided they are interested in doing so.

The letter set is versatile:

  • Older children who have poor reading spelling can practice with the letter cubes from Natureich and improve their skills. Four punctuation cubes create opportunities not only for spelling, but also for punctuation.
  • 58 letter blocks are delivered in a practical wooden storage box. Instead of writing, your child can sort things out, which is a nice change and allows you to pause for concentration.




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