Experience tones and rhythm - first musical instruments

The earliest instruments are over 35,000 years old and babies react to music in the womb - sounds and rhythms are an essential part of human nature. Music creates emotions even in the unborn. It calms you down, makes you happy or can have threatening sounds. The effects on child development are diverse:

  • Social behavior: Making music and singing together creates an unsurpassed sense of community in babies. Tones and rhythm promote intellectual activity and the ability to bond emotionally.
  • Language development: Music trains hearing and rhythmic understanding, and holistic brain stimulation stimulates the areas for learning, memory and creativity.
  • Ability to concentrate: Music requires the coordination of many areas of the baby's brain. Melody, text and rhythm, clapping and dancing connect the synapses and it's just fun.
  • Motivation: Music creates positive energy as it affects the mind holistically and puts you in a good mood. This affects all activities that are followed with noticeably more joy and interest.

Early musical education from the start

Early musical education means playful access to sounds and melodies. In the first three years of life, this is done through finger games and clapping to rhyme, singing simple songs and independently generating tones and rhythms. Small choreographies with movements and dance are added in kindergarten age. When you start school, fine motor skills, patience and the ability to concentrate are so pronounced that you can learn your own instrument.

First musical instruments for the little ones

A wonderful introduction to active music making is the NATUREICH maracas rattle made of sturdy and stable wood. The high-quality grasping toy not only promotes creativity and attention, but also trains fine motor skills with the first grasping. Even the little ones experience a feeling for rhythm with all their senses and can happily take part in the family concert.

From around three years of age, the Habba-Babba rainbow rattle a sounding variety of tones that adults too will love. In bright colors, the musical instrument lies perfectly in small children's hands.

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