Learning to speak, make music and write - why are fine motor skills so important?

Fine motor skills include small-scale and precise movements with well-measured use of muscles. The targeted control of fingers, toes and face becomes more important from toddler age, but begins as early as infancy.

Even newborns imitate their parents' facial expressions and begin to smile or stick their tongues out. At the age of eight to twelve months, the tweezer grip forms with which children can also hold small objects securely.

Small movements for big success

With kindergarten age, the development of fine motor skills comes to the fore: Dressing yourself and fastening buttons, eating with cutlery and painting are great successes for more independence. At the same time, thinking skills, creativity and concentration increase. This is the basis for learning to read and write and a good start to school.

 Promotion with fun and games

You can promote your child's fine motor skills at an early age by supporting natural curiosity and the urge to explore. By the way, all the senses are used with exciting pegging games: What fits together and how? What colors are the parts? How do I describe what I'm doing right now?

Our Montessori stack of toys improve fine motor skills in a playful way and offer many interesting incentives. Little animal lovers can stack many colorful wooden sticks on top of a colorful animal and practice balancing, recognizing the colors and building their own ideas creatively.

Plug-in puzzles, which are already available for the very young, are excellent for hand-eye coordination and for recognizing shapes and connections.


Our Puzzle stacking puzzle with geometric shapes promotes dexterity and instinct when folding and offers a variety of play options to create your own patterns and shapes. From the age of four, your child trains logical thinking, concentration and the development of different solution strategies. This is also a lot of fun for older children.





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