Playful to the multiplication table with the abacus

The multiplication table is the basis for fluent mental arithmetic. In order to master it, elementary school students invest a lot of time and study effort. As a rule, the multiplication table is simply memorized at the beginning. Children who understand the system behind the multiplication table early on have to learn much less and accordingly have the important arithmetic basis available more quickly in their heads.

The tables of Pythagoras: visualizing the multiplication table

Even the clever Pythagoras knew: Mathematics is much easier to learn when it is conveyed clearly. Therefore, he developed a large square table on which all the results of the multiplication table are shown. On the left and above are the numbers from 1 to 10 in the middle the respective products from the marginal numbers. If the child looks for the solution to 4x5, they look at the left edge for the 4 and at the top for the 5 and then look for the number where the extended lines of the 4 and the 5 cross. This successful system was taken up by Montessori teachers because it offers children a great opportunity to deal with the topic independently.

At Natureich you will find the Pythagorean table in an expanded form for even better learning success. A large square has many colorful wooden blocks that are labeled with the bills on one side and the result on the other. So the child can practice in different ways.

It can sort the results or query itself with the help of the arithmetic modules. And by the way, it opens up the multiplication table and also learns that 4x5 has the same result as 5x4, that 8x2 has the same result as 4x4 and so on.

The color scheme helps your child to orient himself, because every multiplication table has its own color. This makes sorting easy and practicing with the maths board is even more fun.



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