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How to play:

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Natureich Backgammon Spielanleitung



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Natureich Spielzeug Klassiker Backgammon Urlaub Rolle

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Natureich Reise Backgammon für Unterwegs aus Leder zum Rollen

The ideal holiday companion! :)

Natureich Travel Backgammon


Natureich wishes you lots of fun playing!



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How to play:

Have a wonderful time with the Natureich Travel Backgammon on the go and on vacation.


We are looking for the best games for you all over the world!


Thats how it works:

The black and white stones have a fixed starting position. Place the stones on the playing field as you can see in the picture below. Both colors move into the home field in opposite directions. The goal consists of two steps. The first step is to get all the stones into the home field. The second step is to roll out your own stones. The players roll the dice and move forward alternately, two dice are thrown.


At the beginning:

White arrows: direction for white

Black arrows: direction for black



Natureich Backgammon Spielfeld



The advancement of the stones:

  • You can advance one of the two numbers rolled with each stone.
  • Or you can use one stone to advance both numbers rolled individually.
  • If you roll two identical numbers, you can move forward 4 times the number rolled.
  • The respective point is occupied when two or more opposing stones are on it.
  • If all points are occupied by the opponent, the throw is forfeited.
  • There can be a maximum of 5 stones on each point.


Throwing stones out of the opponent:

  • If the opponent only has one stone on the point and you come on the point with your stone, then you can throw it out.
  • This opponent's stone has to start all over again. The opponent throws the stone into a free point in the opponent's home field.
  • Only when all of the opponent's stones are back in play does it continue.



How to Win!

  • As soon as all the stones of a player have arrived in the home field, he can start throwing the stones out.
  • You can take stones from the spikes within the home field or move forward within the home field.
  • If a player's stone is thrown out by another player in his home field, the stone must start all over again.
  • If you are about to throw out your stones and the number is too high to play out the stone, you can throw out the stone of the next lower occupied point. However, only if the next higher point in the home field is no longer occupied.
  • If a stone has been thrown out by the opponent, stones may only be thrown out again as soon as all stones are back in the home field.



The victory!

Silver Victory: You have completed the game, but the opponent has removed a stone from you.

Gold Victory: You have completed the game and the opponent has not yet thrown a stone.

Platinum Victory: You have completed the game and the opponent has not yet thrown a stone and the opponent still has a stone in the winner's home field.


The multiplication cube:

You are sure to win, then raise the stake. You can only double before your own roll. If the opponent accepted the doubling, then the opponent may double the next time. Then the doubling can be alternated. If the opponent accepts the multiplication die is 2-64 victory. If the opponent refuses, he has lost.


Natureich wishes you lots of fun playing!

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