Plasticity of the brain - the permanent construction site in the head

Our brain is a marvel. Millions of synapses act together as a huge control center and let us be what we are: beings with perception, feelings and a ratio.

But unlike a computer, this data center is alive and can continuously adapt. Even before we are born until the time of death, the brain is building, breaking down, reconnecting and optimizing. This property is called plasticity and it enables us to have many special features.

Our brain is adaptable and changeable

As you probably know, there are separate areas in our brain for different tasks. The right and left hemispheres of the brain also perform different ways of thinking in everyday life. If part of the brain is damaged, however, other parts may take over their function. This works particularly well with children, because their brain plasticity is outstanding.

Children learn in a flash

Because the child's brain is so extremely adaptable, our offspring absorbs information like a sponge. From the baby to the end of elementary school, everything is learned once and the brain forms connections and synapses. Only then does the optimization begin.

A wide range of offers creates a good basis for later knowledge acquisition

As parents, you can support your child in a playful way by giving him a wide range of different impressions.

Whether musical instruments like that Haba-Baba rainbow rattle, Natural pond Montessori math toys, or construction toys like that Natural pond marble run, all of these things challenge different areas of the brain. A child who deals with it at an early age creates appropriate connections in the brain. This helps him to deepen certain skills in later life.

If you offer your child many different options, you create the basis so that skills can develop further. So it is primarily not about a kindergarten child learning to play a musical instrument, but rather that the brain learns to deal with music, to distinguish tones, to recognize rhythms and so on.

Your child will decide for themselves whether they will become a little virtuoso or a talented singer, you just make sure that they get a good start in the future.

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