Educational toys: what does that actually mean in plain language?


When we choose toys for our children, we are often confronted with the question: “Are these toys also educationally valuable?” But what does this label actually mean? When do we start talking about educationally valuable toys?

Sustainable in the game idea and varied

Playing is a child's nature. Toys are a means to act out the play instinct. If you stroll through a toy shop, you will certainly quickly notice the colorful toys with a sound background, which exert an almost magical attraction on many children. The corner with the educationally valuable toys, on the other hand, is often rather inconspicuous and quiet. Why is that? Educational toys are distinguished by other qualities. The point here is to ensure the longest possible and creative game operation. The toys, for example, leave a lot of scope for your own imagination in their design. Dolls only have faint faces, details are not so worked out. In this way, the child can interpret a lot more himself than if the guidelines were too fixed.

Robust wood is often used for the material. It feels warm in the hand and is very stable, because educational toys have to endure a lot. With it, children live out their own ideas and combine the range of games with one another. High towers or a zoo enclosure for the stuffed animals are built from the colorful wooden blocks.

Conversely, this does not mean that toys made from other materials cannot make sense. As everywhere, the principle applies: It's the mix that counts. With a well-stocked base of variable wooden toys and a few special plastic toys, such as the favorite series heroes, your child can keep busy for hours. If you also pay attention to what your child particularly likes to do, such as painting, constructing, counting or moving, you will very quickly build up a meaningful inventory of toys.

Our tip: When it comes to toys, quantity doesn't matter. If you find that your child does not take up certain offers, then you should part with them quickly. Experience shows: It doesn't take much to be happy, just the right thing. Children play much more creatively with a few solid toys that can be easily combined than with an unmanageable offer.

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