Order in the nursery - tidy up toys, that's how it works!

Children often cause chaos in their play from an adult perspective. For the children themselves, on the other hand, things are different. First of all, you feel comfortable in the mess. But if too much gets messed up, the child will eventually lose track of things. Most of the time, the effect is that playing in the messy room is stopped and the child just drifts away. This is where you as parents have to help and teach your child how to create a basic order in the children's room so that they can also feel comfortable there.

These rules make it easier to keep order

  1. Just one toy at a time. You may be familiar with the situation when your child is busy with a game for a long time and then changes game. Now children don't want to tidy up the old game because it just gave them so much fun. Even so, you should work with your child to clean up the games they have finished and then unpack the next toy.
  2. Boxes and boxes sorted by topic. For tidying up to work, it should be designed in such a way that the child can do it easily, quickly and independently. Introduce large themed boxes to make tidying up after the game easier. A Lego box, a box for them Building blocks a box for the Railwayn and so on ... To play, the box is pulled out and after the game everything is put away again.

  1. Agree on fixed clean-up times. Many parents tidy up the nursery shortly before going to bed. This is not a good time because the children are tired and no longer do well. It is better to set a clean-up time in the afternoon. Now everything is cleared away that is no longer played with. What is left are often the toys that are used until the evening. It can then either disappear very quickly in its box before going to bed, or simply stay there until the next morning.
  2. Mucking out is important and often a difficult subject. Sometimes children do not want to part with their toys, even though they are just lying unused in the closet. Now you can help by packing a manure box that contains everything that is allowed to go away for the time being. This box will stay in the basement for a few months. If the child does not ask about the toys during this time, they can move on.

In all of this, however, it is also important that children should be able to let off steam creatively. This also includes allowing a little chaos. In the end, the room remains a children's room, in which a few things can lie around.

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