Natureich wooden house with 31 parts

Compatible with: Natureich MM-324722, Natureich MM-3625, Natureich MM-12202, Natureich MM-7240, Natureich MM-3742, Natureich SM-2407802, Natureich SM-24-007819, Natureich MM-24-8-7420, Natureich MM-28 -00-478, Natureich MM-24788, Natureich MM-121224

Quality: With this wooden house you get a high quality and therefore very stable kit. The wooden house is made very carefully and neatly so that the quality of the product and the fun of the game remain as high as possible.
Birch wood toy.
Visual learning: The wooden set supports your children in promoting coordination, motor skills, imagination and creativity and is therefore an ideal aid for early support of your child.
Fun: Ideal for your child's playroom - as a house for existing play figures, cars or similar toys.
Protective ring material: wood
Size of the model house: 10cmx10cmx9.5cm

Included in the product:
1x 31-part wooden house from Natureich
1x Natureich fabric bag for storage
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