Montessori education - instructions for self-determined action

Maria Montessori was an Italian doctor and educator who lived at the beginning of the 20th century. As a philanthropist, people were particularly important to her. Her goal was to teach children to move independently through life by learning to acquire knowledge independently. To this end, she established her own pedagogical direction, which is still used today in day-care centers and schools.

What is the pedagogy according to Maria Montessori?

“Help me do it myself.” This sentence is the central statement on which the Montessori approach is based. Children should be given the chance to go their own way in order to understand this world. The educators and teachers fulfill the role of helping and supporting on the child's path. They prepare the child's environment in such a way that it is as easy as possible. This is done with special learning aids, which you can also find here in the Order the Natureich online shop can. The special feature of these learning materials is the possibility of self-control by the child, which is a crucial prerequisite for free work.


According to Montessori, children go through so-called sensitive phases in their life. They find it particularly easy to absorb certain learning content in them. Here, too, the educators are asked to recognize the sensitive phases and to support the child in them. Therefore, the transfer of knowledge at a Montessori facility does not strictly follow the curriculum, but comes from within the child himself. In the Montessori school there are neither grades nor classroom teaching. The grades from grades 1 to 4 are of mixed ages and are divided into subject areas, which the child can explore for himself if possible.

For which children is a Montessori school suitable?

Basically, the concept of the Montessori school is a great thing for all children. Here they can develop freely and deal with the topics that currently interest them most. Conversely, this also means that the children have to organize themselves. Some children find this rather difficult and they need more guidelines and rules in order to feel safe in situations. Even with concentration disorders, free learning in a mixed group can be a challenge.

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