Dear customers, THANK YOU for your positive feedback!

We would like to thank you very much for your positive feedback:

Let's take a look at the experiences, positive reviews and criticism about Natureich from the perspective of our customers, for example Facebook:


Pati Schäfer:

We have the abc stones from naturreich. A super great product and super fast and smooth delivery via amazon. I'm excited. thanks

The 1x1 learning game is also great. The individual rows are separated by colored stones. Really great.


Jessy Daswar:

We ordered the Natureich Math Montessori Set, the stones and sticks are very well made and very robust. People like to play with it. The bag is filled to the top. We are happy to buy from you again!


Sandra Andy Röper:

I think the wooden toys are absolutely great.


Sabrina Renkl:

Today we got the Math Montessorie. What can I say . I'm super excited for preschoolers. What I'm very excited about is that the numbers are in English.


Larissa Filipic:

Really think the idea is awesome


Kathi Linberger:

Very nice wooden toy! We have the wooden calculator and are absolutely thrilled, keep it up!


David Schneider:

Very nice selection of different products in a first class quality!


Chris Tina Hanftaler:

Great selection of beautiful products - very nice contact - responds quickly to messages


Antje Waber:

The toys look great and are great to play with. We got some as a gift from our family and will soon order them ourselves.


Sandra Kuthan:

Great products and learning materials. High quality. Highly recommended.


Anastasia Sharaf:

Very nice wooden toys. Ideal as a gift!


Jennifer Refinnej:

Wonderful toys, great material and a highly stimulating character for the kids

Daniela Wohninsland:

Very nice wooden set, my little one loves it and calculates, lays down words and everything


Heidi Hentschel:

Toys made from natural materials are great


Janette Rode:

I ordered the 1 × 1 abacus.
The delivery took place immediately. It was super packaged and of great quality.
I will not have bought there for the last time.


Lisa Reinprecht:

High quality materials


Nicole Berling:

I got the 1x1 cube and I am absolutely thrilled with it


Martina Degen:

I just love everything. They can withstand harvest and you can take them with you anywhere, always with pleasure.


Sabrina Kunz:

Super wooden toys. We have the wood counting board. My daughter learned mental arithmetic in no time until she was 20.


Nicole Friedrich:

We bought the 1x1 and my girls are thrilled, maths hands-on. Super


Makbule Aslhn:

Great product, are more than satisfied. Have ordered the natural kingdom math montesorie set. Definitely to be recommended. This is how math is fun.


Leyla Katık Çeviruses:

Very nicely processed wood material.


Ljubi Formaro:

Super wooden toys, not only fun for the children!



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