Reading made easy - surround children with learning material!

The goal of Natureich is to mediate Basic information, like reading and math, to the next generation. 

Natureich Montessori lesen lernen alphabetische Holzbausteine

Our philosophy is very simple. Children need Attention and love and the right environment to allow you to grow spiritually. 

A very simple question: What is better for a child if a child who is about to learn to read next year has a TV in their child's room or learning support material such as the Natureich Alphabet Blocks?






The answer ist quite easy. Children learn very quickly. Even if these alphabetical blocks are only in the children's room without being used, it already has a learning effect, because everything around them has a formative effect on children. And when you add your love and attention as a parent and you make a game of how the names of all family members lay and first Train words, then you will have a nice time together and give your child more self-confidence for the first years of school and for the rest of life. If this transfer of knowledge and skills is just as important to you as it is to us, then let's start right away. You can order the Natureich alphabet blocks with just a few clicks here on the site.

We hope you enjoy your new alphabet blocks! 

Do you know someone for whom learning to read could also soon be an issue? Please recommend us. We thank you for that!

 Natureich Lesen Lernen Holzspielzeug






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