Promote concentration in the child - what really works

“Just concentrate!” Have you already said the same thing to your child when he keeps straying from a seemingly simple task? And have you ever thought that your child's ability to concentrate should be improved? Well then you should be careful now, because you may just have to change your point of view.

How much concentration is possible with children?

How long do you think a first grader should be able to concentrate on one thing? 12-15 minutes, that's how short the attention span is at this age. For smaller children between 4 and 6 it is still less than 10 minutes. At the end of primary school, the attention span increases to around 20 minutes. By then at the latest, our children need a break to relax a little.

How can I help my child concentrate better?

As already said, children don't really have to be able to concentrate for a particularly long time. However, our society often expects more anyway. And then of course it is an advantage if you, as parents, can provide meaningful support here.

In general, you encourage your child's attention by encouraging them to do something for a long time. This can be painting, but also puzzles or playing a game. You actively help your child by setting an example for concentration. Put your cell phone aside, turn off the TV, stay on topic and show you how to do just one thing.

You can also promote concentration with suitable games. Almost everything works that is fun for the child and captivates them. From puzzles to pegging games, from puzzle games to memory games such as “I'll pack my suitcase”, you have a free choice.

If your child has fun building, you can buy ours in the Natureich Shop, for example Marble run or ours Stacked animals watch. A highlight is our wide range from our City building serie made of wood. With numerous extensions your child can occupy himself for a long time, vary the game again and again and thus focus his attention again and again.

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