Children's play is pure fantasy - with this toy you encourage your child

Children's imaginations cannot be compared to that of adults. Children have the ability to immerse themselves deeply in imagined worlds. This is supported in the so-called magical phase by the natural development of the child.

Witches, spells and magic: children explain the world to themselves

Around the age of 2 - 5, children begin to explain connections “magically”. It starts with emotions being assigned to objects in order to explain situations. An example would be that the shoes are now tired and therefore the child can no longer walk. That the pacifier or the cuddly toy feel lonely and therefore always have to be there, or that the sky is sad and has to cry when it rains.

In addition, children of this age also firmly believe in the existence of witches, magical beings, or sorcery. Both good and bad magic have a permanent place.

Imagination helps in learning

Researchers have found that children learn or understand new words or contexts in fantasy stories better. If the well-known laws of nature are overridden, for example because cars fly through the air or animals can speak, this has a demonstrably positive effect on learning.

The imagination can be fired with suitable toys. Construction kits encourage the child to create their own worlds. Universal construction toys, such as building blocks, are particularly wonderful here. Whether tower, zoo or castle, you can do a lot with the colorful wooden blocks.

Apparently purpose-built toys are often used very creatively by children. Accessories for the children's kitchen or the marble run can take on completely new functions in the course of the game. Then the blinking light from the ambulance suddenly turns into the dentist's lamp to examine the stuffed animals.

How can parents promote?

If you would like to help your child develop their imaginations, then toys that offer as much space as possible for free play are a good approach. It has also proven effective to reduce the number of toys on offer. Sort out the children's room regularly and implement a rolling system. Things are allowed to move to the basement or the attic and stay there for a while when interest subsides. Otherwise, listen carefully to your child when they talk about their fantasy worlds and take them seriously.

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