Wooden toys: which wood should I choose?

Wooden toys are an experience for all the senses: The pretty grain stimulates the imagination, the smell is characteristic and the feel is soft and warm. High-quality wooden toys can be recognized by the processing, surface treatment and the material used. Here we explain to you which wood is particularly suitable for wooden toys.

Diese Holzart ist die richtige für Holzspielzeug von Natureich

Beech wood - the classic in the children's room

The wood of the beech is most often used for children's toys. Beechwood toys are heavy and tough. Dents, scratches or a splinter break hardly occur here. It can be turned, sawed and drilled wonderfully. The beech has a light wood that can be combined well with pink, green or blue. Treated with clear varnish or oil, your child can see the beautiful grain. 

Another wood that is often used for wooden toys is that of spruce. It is softer and more flexible, but it is not quite as heavy as beech wood.  

Other types of wood

In addition to beech, many other woods are suitable for making wooden toys:

  • Rubber wood - very hard wood with excellent water-repellent properties
  • Alder wood - a medium-weight wood with a beautiful reddish color
  • Pine wood - a common tree in Germany. It is also used to make paper and make furniture.
  • Birch wood - medium to heavy wood that is very soft. Difficult to split and very tough. Often used in instrument making.


Our tip

We recommend that you buy wooden toys made from beech and birch. These woods have exactly the right properties so that your child can enjoy their wooden toys for a long time. They also look beautiful.

We carry almost all types of wood in a high-quality processing in the Natureich shop. Here you can find our Wooden toys order directly.







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