Wooden toys: the surface makes the difference

Wonderful wooden toys of the highest quality and also educationally valuable, you will find something like that in our Natureich shop!

We specialize in educational toys that playfully promote mathematical, cognitive and motor thinking skills in your child. With us you will find a huge selection of different types of wooden toys:

  • Wooden toys that are painted in bright colors are particularly exciting for younger children. The bright colors attract attention and keep the child in the game. Later on, the different colors are used to help the child grasp complex relationships, for example with math toys.

  • We offer oiled wooden toys primarily for construction toys. Here the colors move into the background in favor of the bigger picture. Another advantage: oiled wooden toys are very robust. If a building block falls down, the surface is not damaged.

  • The Natural series is brand new at Natureich. Here we offer wooden toys that are as natural as possible. The sticks and discs are not carved or turned and follow the growth in shape. Some of the parts still have the original bark. Not only does it look great, it also improves the feel due to the uneven surface.  


Browse through our unique selection and find wooden toys for your child.

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