Result so far 17 trees - with every order of wooden toys 5% discount and a free tree planting code "5% + tree"

What kind of world do we leave behind for our children?

People love sustainability. This trend will come more and more in the near future. That's why we plant trees. So far there are 17 pieces and the number is growing. Every contribution counts.

Trees are important to our planet. As the earth's green lungs, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and thus improve our climate. In doing so, they bind a large number of harmful greenhouse gases. A tree consumes around one ton of CO2 for one cubic meter of wood. 


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Trees are more than just oxygen producers

Did you know that trees are nature's air filters? With its leaves and needles, every tree can get up to 100 kilos of dust out of the air. The rain washes the dust to the ground and returns it to the earth. Soil erosion is prevented and land mass is preserved. 

But trees are also important so that the topsoil does not dry out. Their large treetops provide plenty of shade and a single tree evaporates up to 500 liters of water per day. It acts like a huge natural air conditioner. This creates a protected habitat for many plants and animals at its feet. 

But life is not only bustling under the tree, insects, birds and other animals find food and a home in and on the tree itself. 

Last but not least, the wood of the trees is a great and environmentally friendly material and also a source of energy. Wood is climate neutral, because when we burn it, only the CO2 is released that the tree had previously absorbed. 


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Naturalich will plant trees with you. Everyone who has the code "5% + tree"takes advantage of receives a 5% discount and planted a free tree. 


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