Developmental intelligence and school performance diagnostics for preschool and elementary school age

The development diagnostics

Parents want to recognize early developmental delays at an early stage and record them with differentiated diagnostics.
We have various development tests available for the psychological examination of children from 6 months to 6 years. With these tests, the individual level of development of the overall behavior or certain areas of behavior is recorded, as can be read in a report by the Münster University Clinic. Various functional areas such as gross and fine motor skills, perception organization, passive and active language development, memory performance, emotional / social development are determined.
The early detection of deviations is important in order to initiate countermeasures at an early stage.

Intelligence diagnostics
Parents often worry that their children will not be able to meet the demands of school and the community.
The first intelligence diagnostic procedures are 3-7 years old. These tests allow conclusions to be drawn about the intellectual abilities of the unskilled to the highly gifted. The test can produce results that are important for entry into the school and the choice of school.

The diagnosis of school performance disorders
Children with partial performance disorders often have problems with language acquisition, reading and writing or arithmetic. Although the children are of average intelligence, they cannot take advantage of the full range of learning opportunities at school. Frequent failures develop emotional blocks with reluctance to learn and avoidance behaviors that generate negative self-esteem. These symptoms can also have a negative impact on family feelings.

Various tests are available to us to identify partial performance disruptions. By recognizing it at an early stage, targeted support measures and therapeutic interventions can be initiated in order to limit unfavorable effects on school development.


If you want to make provisions early, train your child with the core tasks of the first years of school, e.g. the Natureich mathematics toy. So your child is safe when they start school.

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