School enrollment and off you go - the most important school materials in a nutshell

A new phase of life usually begins for children when they start school. New people, new situations and, above all, new knowledge are waiting for our "little big ones". For the parents, days and weeks of anticipation, but also research and preparation, begin in advance. There are numerous questions in the room - from the required teaching materials to the contents of the pencil case. Despite the very different requirements that are placed on the personal school equipment in the countries, in the respective school types and even in individual schools, we would like to give you a little orientation.

 Natureich Zahlenbausteine zum Rechnen lernen

The backpack

The satchel should not weigh more than ten percent of the child's weight, otherwise the back will be stressed too much. The back wall and the straps are ideally padded and not wider than the child's shoulders. It is also important to ensure that it is roadworthy. School bags that meet the DIN 58124 standard meet all of these requirements.


The pencil case

- 2 pencils: 1x thick, 1x thin

- Crayons or wooden crayons

- Sharpener

- Eraser

- small ruler

- Learn to write pens and replacement cartridges

- Inkkiller

 Natureich Kinderbuch

The teaching materials

- 6x cardboard flat files in the colors (red, blue, green, yellow, white, purple)

- homework book

- book covers

- Exercise books: 1x A5 squared and 1x A5 lined

- Blocks: 1x A4 squared, 1x A4 lined (punched and with side margins)

 Kinder Schreiben Lernen Schulstart

The art and science lessons

- Ink box with opaque white

- Cloth rags

- 4 short bristle brushes numbered 1, 8, 12, 16

- water cups

- A3 drawing pad

- A3 folder for drawings

- rounded scissors

- thick glue stick

- crayons

- Plasticine


Sports bag

- Sportswear: T-shirt, short / long pants

- Sports bag / gym bag

- indoor sneakers (light sole)

- outdoor sneakers


What else is needed?

- Timetable

- drinking bottle

- lunch box

- Neck pouch (e.g. for small change)

- filled school cone (on the day of school enrollment)


Tip: It is not just the parents who should prepare well for school enrollment and starting school, but also the children. Of course, this requires the help of parents. Parents could, for example, tell stories from their own school days in order to prepare the child mentally for the new phase of their life and thus strengthen their motivation. In the sense of "preparation is better than follow-up", Natureich also offers numerous toys that promote and expand skills such as reading and writing. For example the Naturalich 1x1 wooden calculator for primary school students, a classic abacus or a wide variety of wooden blocks to learn to read.

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