One of our customers wrote a positive blog post about our 1x1 abacus.

Now read the blog post from one of our customers.

Quote from the blog Colorfull days:

I recently won a nice wooden calculator in a competition. It is made of high quality wood by the company Natureich. The board is like a small type case with 100 compartments of the same size. There are also 100 cubes, ten different colors. Each color is a series from the small 1x1. The arithmetic problem, for example 1 * 5, is always written on the front of the dice, and the result, 5. The use of the 1x1 is suitable for children in primary school. However, the board can also be used in a slightly modified form for younger children. 




We are currently learning colors with the little ones and numbers with the big ones. We just turn the dice around so that we only see the result page and then learn the numbers 1-10. Counting also works great. Just let the wooden cubes count. Then the cubes can be built into a tower or sorted by color. There are enough employment opportunities. Thumbs up from us for this practical and high-quality toy.

The game is available on Amazon.




Due to my positive experience with the presented product, the statements may have an advertising character. In this respect, however, I would like to point out that I purchased the product myself and that the manufacturer or a third party did not grant or promise me any advantages for this contribution.


We think that's great. Thanks a lot for this!


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