Childhood Brain Development - Part 2 Brain Development From Elementary School To Teens


In the first years of life, the basic structure of the brain develops, which is roughly completed by primary school. But now another exciting phase begins, in which our brain is further qualifying.

This happens to our children in their heads during the first years of school

The brain continues to grow up to the age of 12. The gray matter of the brain increases in the rear area. Associated with this is an increase in spatial imagination. The child learns to orientate itself in its environment. His radius of action increases. Linguistic development is also advancing.

The principle “use is or loose it” becomes more important from around 10 years on. All synapse connections that are not needed are removed again, while those that are often used are reinforced. The brain optimizes itself. Nevertheless, we can always develop and connect new synapses into old age. Man learns his whole life.

Children who have a solid foundation of skills and impressions in their early years have an advantage. This is built upon with increasing age. It is easier for the child to access existing structures than to train them from scratch. In the first 10 years of life, connections are also made more easily. For parents, this means that it is good for children to try many things at an early age. music, Move, CalculateChildren can try painting all this in the first years of life and specialize in the course of life.

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