The most popular boy names in Germany - origin and meaning


Hooray, it's gonna be a boy! Now it's time to do the exciting first name search. The naming is particularly important for many parents, because it is the first big decision with consequences in the life of their child. Every year, the top 10 lists of the most popular first names in Germany are consulted to find out whether the desired name is in line with the current trend.

We have determined the statistics for 2018 for you and researched the meaning and origin of them.


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First name

Meaning / origin


Paul was originally just a nickname in ancient Rome. “Paul” means small. The Christian origin can be traced back to the apostle Paul. Six popes alone already bore the name Paul. Paul is now commonly used as the sole name.


The name Alexander can be traced back to the Macedonian king Alexander the great of 300 BC. Ruled. The Greek meaning (Aléxandros) is "protector" or "who fends off foreign men"


Latin origin "Maximus" the greatest. Is a popular royal name.


The Greek form of Elijah. The biblical origin goes back to the prophet Elias, who fought against the Baal cult. In the Jewish tradition, Elijah is the guardian angel for newborn children.


Short form of Benjamin from the Hebrew "son of the right (happy) hand" or "lucky child".

Louis / Luis

French or Germanized form (Luis) of Ludwig. Comes from Old High German and means the famous fighter, derived from "hluth" famous and "wig" fight


Greek origin derived from "Lèo" the lion. 13 popes were named Leo. Short form of Leonhard.


Hebrew origin and means "calm down" or "the calmer". Known from the Bible: Noah built the ark with his family and saved living beings from the deluge.

Henry / Henri

Henry is the English form of the Old High German given name Heinrich. We derive the name from the words "heima" the home and "rihhi" rich. A traditional ruler's name.


From the Latin "favored by luck", "the lucky one", "successful" or "fruitful". Originally, Felix was used as an epithet.

Source: According to Statista survey from 90% of the registered registry offices in Germany

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