That is why role-playing games are important for our children

Children between 3 and 6 years love them: role-playing games. They are the long-running hits in every child's room and the perfect way to understand the adult world. Role plays are not only for entertainment, they fulfill a variety of functions in child development and are an integral part.

Role play helps children find their way into society

The classic role-playing games deal with the topics of family and everyday life.

  • Father mother Child
  • Children's kitchen
  • doctor
  • repair
  • household

For these areas the children invent storylines in role play. Something exciting doesn't even have to happen. Often completely normal situations are simulated: father and mother work and do the household, the child plays, goes to kindergarten and does what children do.

Children practice the rules of the society in which they move. By putting themselves in someone else's shoes, they also develop empathy. For example, they understand why the mother scolds when the child does nonsense. Your own social behavior is also improved. The children have to coordinate, draw up rules for the game and stick to them. All of this helps you enormously in your own development. So role-playing games are essential for our children.

Role play relieves stress and anxiety

When children experience something threatening, they cannot yet process it emotionally as specifically as adults. They lack the opportunity to express their feelings clearly and the maturity to integrate their own feelings into the general context and thus to weight them correctly. With the help of role play, these fears are processed and overcome. Whether a robber, a vicious dog or an angry adult meets child, all of these situations are presented in a very exaggerated manner. Parents are often shocked at how relentlessly these fantasy games are constructed. However, this helps the children to experience extreme situations in a safe space and to confront themselves.

Conclusion: role-playing games are healthy

As a parent, you should encourage role play. If you notice that certain role-playing games are preferred by your child, you can get some equipment for them. For example Accessories for the children's kitchen.

However, thanks to the child's imagination, many role-playing games also work completely without accessories.







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