That is why wooden toys are perfect for young children

The toys for children are usually not chosen by themselves, but by parents, grandparents or other adults. We take an adult look at the toys and possibly use the wrong criteria for assessment. The result is often brightly colored, lovingly detailed products, which, to the great amazement of the adults, are often only used briefly and quickly end up in the corner.

Why this is and why wooden toys are the better choice, that's what this blog post is about.

Children experience the world differently

Small children study all day. Everything you see, pick up or hear contributes to a better understanding of the world. Toys also help with development. The playability of a product is an indicator of the usability of the toy. Wooden toys are usually designed in less detail, which makes them more versatile. Children replace details with their imaginations. In this way, wooden blocks can be turned into great knight castles such as a zoo or a course for the bobby car.

A lot speaks in favor of wooden toys

In addition to the educationally valuable gaming experience, wooden toys offer other advantages

  • It is long lasting and can be used for many years.
  • It can be repaired and is made from renewable raw materials. The environmental balance is therefore much better than that of plastic toys.
  • As a natural material, it feels good in the hand.
  • It is save.

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