Blue sky, green grass - How children learn colors

Little by little, children discover our world. Classifying things around us into certain categories often goes hand in hand with language development. The categories become more and more differentiated with increasing age.

Between the ages of three and four, children actively begin to learn and name the different colors. By around three years of age, most children can confidently tell at least two colors apart. At the age of four, the basic colors are right. An elementary school or preschool child around six years of age manages to name all colors correctly and also to increasingly classify color tones.

Learning colors is fun!

The right time to introduce your child to our colorful world is after their second birthday. However, you shouldn't expect your child to start sorting the children's room by color now. In fact, there is still a long way to go.

First, play with your child with colorful building blocks, be a role model and build a blue tower and a red tower. Use the color names in everyday life when naming things. So your child can slowly understand the color system.

If you have the impression that your child is developing an interest in color, you can reinforce this by encouraging them to use color names. Paint with finger paints, sing songs, and play finger games that are all about color learning.

Once the first foundations have been laid, you can also use educational toys that specifically encourage learning about colors.

Our Color slider Montessori skill game not only trains color perception, but also logical and strategic action as well as fine motor skills. If the child initially only sorts according to the same colors, the color slider also offers a lot of play potential for older children. The enclosed color cards show samples that your child can recreate. A great and feasible challenge for children from the age of four.

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