Observe and imitate - play like the grown-ups with wooden kitchen toys, wooden shoes and construction kits

Children rediscover the world - from the moment they are born. Observation and imitation play an important role in this: even newborns imitate the facial expressions of their counterpart. The Canadian psychologist Albert Bandura dealt with these learning processes, which are based on the precise observation of the behavior of human models, as early as the 1960s. He developed the social-cognitive learning theory, also known as observation, imitation, imitation or role learning. The special thing about this theoretical model is that people in general, and thus even small children, are perceived as active agents whose motivations, emotions and thinking are of central importance.

Acquisition and execution - what do children learn?

As theoretical as the learning model is, it takes place in everyday life as practically. As role models, children choose people who can satisfy their learning needs - mostly parents or siblings. From the amount of information, the little ones choose what interests them most. Often these are common behaviors of adults such as preparing food or shopping. Check out this great wooden toy we sell.

With the Natureich wood magnet bread or that Natureich egg kitchen toy Children from around 3 years of age can put their observations into practice and prepare breakfast or sell delicacies in the grocery store with the Natureich summer ice cream kitchen accessories. In this way, the offspring experience a positive self-perception and strengthens their self-confidence.

Attention, motivation and success

Children observe their role models very closely, although what they see does not have to be imitated immediately. Suitable learning toys increase the motivation to evaluate what has been experienced and to achieve success by imitation. So can it Natureich wooden shoe puzzle Encourage children to deal with tying shoes undisturbed. The colorful thread shoes with laces are perfect for practicing knots and bows and prepare for kindergarten and school.







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