Instructions for use Natureich math toy chopsticks

The Natureich chopsticks are perfect for your children to practice math.





This is how it works:

  • The Natureich math toy consists of 104x rulers, 40x number fields (0-9) and Alphabet fields (A-Z), 14x mathematical symbols and a beautiful Natureich fabric bag for storage.
  • The children can do their own arithmetic using number fields and math symbols.
  • The players can put chopsticks over the numbers to visualize the numbers. 
  • The learners can also put words with the alphabet fields or put the numbers as words.
  • Our tip: Write down each task on a piece of paper with a pen, so that more senses are used in learning and the knowledge remains anchored more permanently.

Number of players: 1-2

This is what is learned:

  • The manual dexterity is trained by placing the wooden tiles.
  • Mathematical understanding is promoted and arithmetic skills are strengthened. Completely new synaptic connections are created in the head through the use of the toy and the visualization of the numbers. 
  • More self-confidence in dealing with numbers in the future and in school by dealing with arithmetic problems.
  • The coordination between eyes and hand is promoted.
  • The numbers in English are learned.


We wish you a lot of fun with the Natureich math toy!

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