Instruction manual Natureich apple tree

The Natureich material consists of wood. The toy increases the creativity and dexterity of your child. The toy tree has branches and apples to pin on. With the fruit tree it is very easy to learn the seasons.

This is how it works: 

  • The structure of the tree is very simple: The trunk of the apple tree is inserted into the pedestal, i.e. the earth, then the individual branches are inserted into the trunk.
  • As soon as your own construction is finished, the fruits, the apples, can be inserted into the individual branches and the tree can be beautifully decorated and decorated with individual leaves.

Natureich Apfelbaum Jahreszeiten lernen Holzspielzeug Baum für Kinder

Number of players: 1-2

This is what is learned:

  • The motor skills toy teaches your child the colors, structure of trees, fruits, the seasons in nature (spring, summer, winter, autumn). 
  • The falling of branches and leaves as well as fruit. The even weight distribution thus the tree remains stable.
  • Your child automatically learns to train his motoric synapses in the brain, which are encouraged by wooden toy - hand - eye movements. It is important that the child grabs something physical for this, the tree is perfect.


We hope you enjoy your new one Natureich apple tree.


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