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ADHD or attention deficit disorder is a big topic that has been discussed a lot in recent years and whether it is just a behavioral problem or a disease worth treating that goes beyond the usual.

ADHS Prävention?

It can be said that around 5% of children have ADHD.

It should be noted that a difficult time can usually be expected for children and parents, as children with ADHD are endowed with a lot of energy, usually a great deal of restlessness, with a simultaneous low focus. This can often lead to a very nerve-wracking everyday life.

Parents, in particular, would like to take a break from time to time, as a child with Adhs can require as much attention as an entire children's birthday party.

The child would want more understanding and attention from the parents or someone who can keep up with the child's energy levels.

Since ADHD is mostly associated with children, it can be said that more than half of those affected still have some form of the disease in adulthood. Symptoms can change, however.

In short, 3 essential characteristics can be noted:

  • impulsiveness
  • Restlessness
  • inattention

 Natureich Krokodil und Hund

Concrete tips for those affected by ADHD and what wooden toys have to do with it

Behavioral therapy is recommended with children affected by ADHD.

Wooden toys and natural materials are also traditionally used there. Even a walk in the forest with all the scents and the natural background noise can have calming effects

Parents with children who have ADHD report different gaming behavior. They often make a lot of noise with objects or are distracted and find other things in the household such as taps, toilet flushes or the full cornflakes package that is scattered around the kitchen after a few minutes more interesting.

Since children with ADHD are very impulsive, they often destroy toys too. Therefore, toys that are difficult to destroy and are rather robust are also recommended.

Natureich Rätsel Puzzle

Educational toys made of wood can be a good alternative for children, for example, as the child can focus on the essentials and can quickly gain a sense of achievement.
For example, you can bring your children back into focus and the moment and have a quick sense of achievement. This is also reproducible and the children have an anchor if they feel nervous again. Stacking objects in particular can be a compensation.

Choosing the right toy can be a boon for parents, as it allows them to fulfill their wish for a short break when their beloved child is busy with their favorite toy for 30 minutes.

We at Natureich offer educational wooden toys. Take a look at our wooden stacking elephant, for example.

Natureich Elefant zum Stapeln

now here click to the elephant!

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