Off to the lake - boat trips with wooden toys

Children love to play in or with water. Splashing in the water, building dykes out of stones or throwing something into the water is just fun. It is not for nothing that water playgrounds or the mud kitchen are particularly popular with the youngsters.

It is particularly fascinating for your child to let something swim. Whether the blades of grass are by the lake or a leaf that drifts along the course of the stream and is followed at a pace: For children this means hours of fun.

The Natureich Shop offers great wooden toys that children can use in the water.

That Natureich balloon boat made of wood is a tricky construction and is guaranteed to fascinate your child. The great wooden boat can not only be let swim, it also has a drive. Inflate the balloon through a tube and put the boat in the water. The air that escapes provides the necessary thrust to push the boat forward.


The system is very easy and still exciting for children. The rising air bubbles also ensure a lot of fun.

The wooden boat can be used in the bathtub, by the lake or in the swimming pool. With the practical storage bag you can always transport it safely.

Learning with a fun factor

The Natureich wooden boat trains your child's skills in a playful way. For example, it learns how to inflate a balloon on its own and a lot about physics. The little speedboat is also fun for parents. If your child does not manage to inflate the balloon on their own, many hours of play together in the bath beckon.

Perhaps the Natureich balloon boat also helps some children to overcome their fear of the water or serves as a welcome distraction when washing their hair.

And after bathing, the little captains can take our Natureich wooden puzzle ship continue playing thematically.



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