5 reasons why wooden toys are better for babies and toddlers

Wooden toys are the classic among toddler toys. But now there is also a large selection of plastic toys for the little ones. We'll tell you here why you should still reach for wooden toys.

1. Wooden toys are non-toxic

Babies and toddlers explore their environment with all their senses. Taste is very important here. Everything imaginable is put into the mouth and explored. Unpainted, natural wooden toys do not contain any toxic plasticizers or other additives. And it also has a taste, unlike plastic. 

If you want to buy colorful toys for your child, you should use non-toxic and saliva-proof paints. Then you can safely "try" it.

2. Wooden toys teach the feel better

Wood does not have a completely smooth surface and thus trains the finger sensors better than plastic. When you reach for natural wooden toys, your children have a lot to feel.

3. Wooden toys are sturdy

Hardly anything is as difficult to break in a child's room as wooden toys. It usually survives falls and throws completely unscathed. And if the paint should ever get a flaw, it can be easily repaired. Wooden toys are often passed on for generations. Only moisture can really harm it. 

Plastic, on the other hand, usually only has a short life. Once it breaks, it can be thrown away. In most cases, destroyed paintwork cannot be restored either. And should a mini picasso be immortalized on it, it cannot be sanded down as easily as wooden toys.

4. Wooden toys can be used in various ways

Many plastic toys are worked out in great detail, which often delights us adults, but usually leads to boredom in children. Of course, it's great when you get a plastic cell phone as a toddler that looks exactly like mom and dad's, but in the end you can only play with it on the phone.  

The exact opposite of this are wooden toys, which are kept particularly simple. Building blocks become a zoo, a knight's castle or an obstacle course alike. Experience has shown that small children in particular have more play benefits the less specialized the toy is. 

5. Wooden toys are sustainable

An important thought against the background of climate change: wooden toys are almost CO2-neutral. You can buy it used or sell it on very well. And when it has had its day, it simply rots away and does not turn into environmentally harmful plastic waste that will continue to pollute our planet for centuries.



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