5 reasons to vacation in the Dominican Republic with children

Dominikanische Republik Reisen für Kinder

Many travel enthusiasts who have never toured the Dominican Republic are probably wondering whether there is more to discover in the country besides sun, extensive sandy beaches and clear water - especially for children who would like to explore their surroundings.

Many parents also appreciate the childcare in all-inclusive hotels and club holidays, but otherwise they are perhaps more likely to travel as individual travelers - we will look at how the balancing act with children can be achieved.

Is it advisable to get on the plane with children under 6 and how can you really make the trip so pleasant?

In addition to the answers to the questions, there are also a few at the same time Travel tips on top.

First of all, it should be said that the Dominican Republic is a very child-friendly country and that you are welcomed with open arms with children everywhere.

The flight to the Dominican Republic takes about 10 hours, especially for small children this is a challenge. We therefore recommend taking a suitcase with toys and a little patience with you.

In order to start the day of departure as stress-free as possible, it is advisable to book a hotel near the airport the day before departure in order to start the day fit. It is also important to ensure that there is still a long transfer time from the airport to the actual hotel in the Dominican Republic.

We have a list of put together the 5 best excursion destinations. The following points do not follow any ranking, as all excursion destinations have their own special charm.


Berge Dominikanische Republik

1 For all nature lovers and mountaineers - Pico Duarte:


The hike to Pico Duarte - this is the highest mountain in the whole of the Caribbean and extends to the fabulous height of 3098 meters.

Best travel time for the ascent: between January - Aprilwhen it's still dry

Savings tip:

Hike together in a group, as a guide from the national park is compulsory and a tour on your own is not possible.

Child friendliness: 4/10 We only recommend the ascent with young people aged 14 and over. The ascent is technically rather easy, but you should be in good physical condition

Travelhack: Always have enough electricity with you and think of a power bank


2 Chu Chu Colonial


If you want to explore the historic old town of Santa Domingo, we recommend the Chu Chu Colonial tourist train, which has a really decelerating effect and is pretty to look at. While driving you can very well discover the bustling Santa Domingo with the typical sounds, the beautiful flowers on the house facades and picturesque side streets.

Child friendliness: 8/10 is given. Who does not like to ride a beautiful white historical tourist train and see something interesting on every corner.

It must be noted that the tourist information from the loudspeakers is of course in English and it is not possible to get out immediately, but since the journey is not that long, nothing should stand in the way of an incomparable experience.


3 Kah Kow Experience - More than just a chocolate factory

Another interesting destination that also offers guided tours (even in German) is the Kah Kow Experience chocolate factory.

For us a classic excursion destination, which is popular with young and old. For smaller children there is a lot to discover, taste and smell and also a multimedia tour with holograms. The whole place is set up like a tangible (unfortunately not edible) museum.

On the tour you will learn a lot of information about chocolate cultivation and the chocolate industry in the country. You can also find out what makes chocolate in the Dominican Republic so special.

Insider tip: To all hobby confectioners, book a course in chocolate making beforehand

For whom: Everyone who likes interactive tours and is interested in chocolate

Child friendliness: 10/10, We give full marks


4 Bavaro Adventure Park


This park offers is a huge adventure playground that bundles various action-packed attractions.

For the younger children from 6 years of age, we recommend the huge slides - if you are free from giddiness.

The map offers a total of 27 stations, making it a very large park.


Climbing park: On which you swing securely from platform to platform in a jungle-like ambience.

Buggy tour: Offroad with buggies, explore the area, instead of with the buggy also with horses or in combination possible

Zipline mega splash: Just let the cable abseil and abseil from one bridge to the next and pick up speed

Dinopark: The dinosaurs are particularly impressive for the smaller ones and are guaranteed to amaze and shine in all children's eyes.

 Dominikanische Republik Natureich

5 The Samana Peninsula


In addition to leisure activities, the Dominican Republic should also focus on breathtaking nature.

The different sandy beaches in different textures and the play of colors inspire millions of tourists every year.

But it is very certain that nature enthusiasts with children should not skip Samana, which is a peninsula. Samana is also home to an entire national park and there are many bays that are still very untouched apart from the tourist spots.

It is not without good reason that Samana is more often described as heavenly.

Not only tourists are drawn to the peninsula, but also animal observers in the form of humpback whales. These can be observed in so-called "whale watching" tours on boats. Oh yes, there are waterfalls too but that has to be mentioned.


Child friendliness: 9/10, pure nature!


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